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Moonpath Stones

Singing Bowl Therapy Soundbath + Direct Body 1-1 Private Session

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🌙 Soundbath + direct body (private session 1-1 )
For 1-1 private session, you will be lying down and surrounded by the singing bowl set, you can feel the vibration more closely, it's for deep relaxation and healing mainly. The advantage of an 1-1 therapy is to avoid energy interaction with other people, and the bowls will be placed next to your body, you can feel a stronger sound vibration.

This session includes the direct body part, which means our healer would place the singing bowls directly on different part of your body for a deeper healing purpose, you can feel the vibration very strongly and directly, the direct vibrations can massage your body parts and organs more deeply.  

Each session our singing bowl therapist will dedicate each body part accordingly to how they react to the singing bowl healing through sounds and vibrations. For direct body, our therapist will place the singing bowls on your body directly as a deep cleansing and healing session to get the maximum result. It releases your negative energy and clears the blockages in your body. We would recommend doing this once in awhile as a full body retreat. You can see it as a spa for your body, mind, and spirit, and it's a unique pampering experience to yourself. Feel free to DM us for availability.

The antique bowls we use are all handmade and shipped from India, you can feel the sound and vibration are different from the machine made or new bowls. Please Whatsapp us (+852-6448 8409) or IG DM to make an appointment after your payment is confirmed.

• release stress from work & life
• calm overactive mind
• body, mind, and spirit detox
• deep relaxation for body and mind
• remove blockages in your body
• relief body aches
• just enjoy the singing bowl performance
• self-pampering
• quality me-time 


🌙 一對一 大休息聲浴 + direct body
在一對一的聲浴中客人會被不同的頌缽包圍,客人只需躺下及放鬆去感受頌缽的聲頻震動,頌缽療癒師會根據客人當刻的況去敲打不同的頌缽讓療癒效果更加有效。這項服務主要是全身心的深層放鬆及療癒,客人被頌缽包圍會比團體聲浴更深入及更接近身心的感受。有些客人會強烈感受到身體的阻塞有打通的感覺,也有客人能感覺到痛症痛即時舒緩。這是一個很能深刻享受的me time體驗,也可以是繁忙生活中的一個大休息。

這項服務是包括direct body的部分,療癒師會把頌缽直接放到客人的身上敲打,這除了讓客人可以更直接地感受頌缽與身體接觸時的共震,也可以讓療癒師更直接了解客人身體有阻塞的地方從而達到度身訂制的療癒效果。

• 工作/生活壓力大
• 針對個人的療癒效果
• 精神緊張
• 身體繃緊
• 淋巴阻塞
• 純粹享受頌缽
• 輕微痛症
• 放鬆身心靈
• 想要獨特的頌缽體驗


付款後請於Whatsapp (+852-6448 8409) 或IG DM 跟我們聯絡預約哦!



The above crystal healing information is for reference only, everyone has different vibration, and it's important to feel the stone by yourself, some people might have stronger feeling toward some particular stones.

Imperfections are normal in all handmade items. All stones are natural crystals, and there might be natural cracking/holes/color differences. Color differences may appear in different screens. We don't offer return/refund, please beware before placing order, thank you 💖🙏**



Care Instructions

  • Angie C.

    "第一次做direct body覺得成個flow都好順暢~同埋感覺好似仲快過1小時🤣

    一開始sound bath其實我已經差唔多訓著🤣同埋direct body比想像中會做得仔細好多(背/側/前面全部都有💕)

    成個過程都好舒服,同埋可能因應唔同部位調整力度/敲既位置,我就更加feel到自己邊啲位有阻塞🙈so far啲2日冇乜好明顯反應住,但個人都係感覺幾好,精神上都係放鬆左既💕有機會再約做頌缽~thank you!"

  • Sophia Y.

    "When the singing bowls were placed on my body, I can feel very strong vibrations compared to the regular soundbath, the feeling was much more direct, it was like a deep muscle massage, as well as for my organs, it was truly a unique experience that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a deeper level of relaxation and healing."

  • Irene L.

    "我之前做過普通嘅soundbath, 但係做完direct body之後覺得好大分別,因為個感覺係好直接,而且個過程係超舒服,好似去完按摩咁,頭腦都放鬆左好多,yu會feel到我邊個位阻塞多啲然後幫我調整好專業🥰 我之後都會再做,當係獎勵自己辛苦工作,thank you! 😊"