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Chakra Analysis 脈輪分析

Ask us about the chakra analysis service!

We offer chakra analysis service which includes the analysis of each chakras, and which specific stone you need for each chakra. It's a distant service, and it will take 3-5 days. We will give you a 1 page digital report for the result.

You can also add a bespoke crystal set at an extra cost. 

The report will tell you: 

  • the status of your 7 chakras, if they are underactive/overactive/balanced
  • which chakra you need to pay attention to the most
  • what you can do to balance your chakras
  • a divine message from the universe about your current situation

What you get with the bespoke chakra set:

  • 7 raw stones based on your chakra analysis (approx. 2-3cm each)
  • A card explaining what the stones are, its healing properties, and how you should use them
  • 7-8cm abalone shell
  • Palo santo stick
  • Our Moonpath bag
  • We will connect with the stones to channel specific healing properties

This is a distant service, you don't have to come in person, we will need some basic information from you to proceed. We will get in touch with you after receiving the payment, please contact us for more details. 




  • 你七個主要脈輪的狀態
  • 最需要注意是哪一個脈輪
  • 需要做什麼去平衡那些脈輪
  • 每一個脈輪你需要哪一種晶石的能量
  • 根據你的現況宇宙給你的神聖訊息


  • 7顆你專屬的脈輪石
  • 一張說明卡 *
  • 一個7-8cm的貝殼
  • 一枝秘魯聖木
  • 一個Moonpath的小布袋
* 我們會跟你的水晶作連結然後解讀出屬於它的療癒功效及用法