Singing Bowl Therapy

Singing Bowl therapy has long history in East Asia, people use it for meditation, healing, and even as food containers. Our body contains 70% of water, and that's what resonates with the singing bowl's resonances. Many diseases and health issues are related to stress and tension. Sound therapy eases the psychological and physical effects of certain sickness or diseases, it lowers the stress hormones and empower the immune systems.

The antique bowls we use are all handmade and shipped from India, you can feel the sound and vibration are different from the machine made or new bowls.

We provide different types of singing bowl therapy:

🌙 Sound bath private session 1-1 ($680/60mins) ($500/40mins)
For 1-1 private session, you will be lying down and surrounded by the singing bowl set, you can feel the vibration more closely, it's for deep relaxation and healing mainly. The advantage of an 1-1 therapy is to avoid energy interaction with other people, and the bowls will be placed closer to your body, you can feel a stronger sound vibration. It releases your negative energy and clears the blockages in your body. We would recommend doing this once in awhile as a full body retreat. You can see it as a spa for your body, mind, and spirit, and it's a unique pampering experience to yourself. 

🌙 Sound bath 2-4 people ($350ea/60mins) ($650 for two people)
For group sound bath, you will be lying down and relax with set of bowls by the top of your head, it's for deep relaxation and healing. We insist to have small group because our energy would interfere with each other in the same space especially during a healing session. It's good to come with your friend, family member, or partner.



🌙 一對一 大休息聲浴 (60分鐘/$680 或40分鐘/$500)
在一對一的聲浴裏客人會被不同的頌缽包圍,客人只需躺下及放鬆去感受頌缽的聲頻震動,這項服務主要是全身心的深層放鬆及療癒,客人被頌缽包圍會比二人聲浴更深入及更接近身心的感受。有些客人會強烈感受到身體的阻塞有打通的感覺,也有客人能感覺到痛症痛即時舒緩。這是一個很能深刻享受的me time體驗,也可以是繁忙生活中的一個大休息。

🌙 2-4人聲浴 (60分鐘 $350/ea 二人同行 $650)