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[SA-05] Sardonyx Palm Stone 纏絲瑪瑙把件

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Sardonyx Palm Stone

(Wooden Display Stand is sold separately)

纏絲瑪瑙把件 (木底座需另外加購)

Origin: Madagascar

Size: approx. 51 x 35 x 23mm 

Agate is a stabilising stone, it restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It's a stone of courage and protection. It attracts prosperity, new resources, and good luck. It promotes confidence when performing on stage or in live. It stimulates metabolism, and heals lower back problems. It improves concentration, and protects against envy, rage, and resentment from self or from others. It clears blockages and traumas that associates with the Root Chakra. It helps us overcome procrastination or indecision, it encourages positive life choices. 


穩定 • 回復活力 • 動力 • 勇氣 • 保護力 • 幸運 • 繁華 • 自信心 • 促進新陳代謝 • 專注力 • 清理創傷 • 減輕拖延症 • 幫助選擇困難 • 鼓勵正面生活 


The above crystal healing information is for reference only, everyone has different vibration, and it's important to feel the stone by yourself, some people might have stronger feeling toward some particular stones.

Imperfections are normal in all handmade items. All stones are natural crystals, and there might be natural cracking/holes/color differences. Color differences may appear in different screens. We don't offer return/refund, please beware before placing order, thank you 💖🙏**



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