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[MRSS01] Super Seven silver ring 紅黑超七銀戒指

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Super Seven/Melody Stone 925 silver ring 紅黑超七925銀活口戒指

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Melody Stone Healing Benefits: 

Melody Stone also known as Super Seven or Sacred Seven Stone, is a rare mineral with seven minerals in one. It contains Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Clear Quartz. Although all of the 7 minerals may not be always visible to the naked eye, a piece of melody stone still retains all of the properties from these seven components. Melody stone has very high energy and amazing healing vibration for our mind, body, and spirit. It balances and energizes all seven Chakras. Melody stone is believed to be the key ingredient to accessing the higher spirit realm and unlocking the ancient knowledge within. The high frequency of this stone helps to attune our energy to better understand the meaning and purpose of their soul. It enables the ability to connect to your past life experiences by unlocking and expanding our consciousness for complete mental clarity. Melody stone can assist on wealth by giving you abundance and the sense of gratitude, it also clear the path to your success and eliminate distractions. It releases fears, doubts, and frustrations in love and relationships, it helps you see things that matter, and cleans your negative attachments. 

超七水晶是一種罕見的水晶,它包含紫水晶、白水晶、茶晶、黃磷鐵礦、針鐵礦、纖鐵礦、金紅石七種不同的礦物在內。超七擁有很高頻的能量及療癒的震頻給我們的身心靈,它可以平衡我們的七脈輪。很多人相信它是能讓我們到達更高維度及解鎖古老智慧的晶石。 這水晶的高頻可以幫我們調整我們的能量及磁場,讓我們更易明白我們靈魂的意義及目的。它能擴闊我們的意識至一個清晰的心靈狀態從而幫助我們連結過去世的經歷。它還會幫助我們得到豐盛,因為它可以清理我們通向成功路上的一些阻礙。超七水晶能夠釋放我們在關係中經歷的恐懼、疑惑及焦慮,讓我們看清什麼才是最重要,也可以清理一些負面的連結。



The above crystal healing information is for reference only, everyone has different vibration, and it's important to feel the stone by yourself, some people might have stronger feeling toward some particular stones.

Imperfections are normal in all handmade items. All stones are natural crystals, and there might be natural cracking/holes/color differences. Color differences may appear in different screens. We don't offer return/refund, please beware before placing order, thank you 💖🙏**



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