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[FL09] Green Glass Fluorite with Quartz 香花嶺玻璃體綠螢石

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Green Glass Fluorite with Quartz  • 香花嶺玻璃體綠螢石水晶花共生

Origin: Xianghualing, China 

Size: approx. 85 x 50 x 35mm

Crystal clear green fluorite from the famous mine Xianghualing, China. It has rainbow and in beautiful shape. 

Fluorite is one of the popular collectible in the crystal world, it's loved by mineralogists and spiritual healers. It's luminous and glassy, and appears in various colors. Fluorite carries a calm and stable frequency to settle chaos and scattered energies into harmony. It cleanses and stabilises the aura, it absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. It's a stone of trust, conscience, intuition, cleanliness, luck and love. It boosts the immune system, particularly in the skin and respiratory tract, and it soothes other nerve-related pain. Blue Fluorite calms our emotions and assists us in clear communication. It helps our spiritual awakening as it stimulates our Third Eye chakra. It improves our intuition and creativity. 


螢石在水晶界是其中一種最收歡迎的藏品。它擁有一種定靜的頻率,可以安穩混亂的能量與情緒。 它是一種多功能水晶,能帶給人們信任、直覺力 、清晰的頭腦、幸運及愛。它能幫助我們增強免疫力,特別是皮膚及呼吸系統的,也可以舒緩其他神經痛楚。綠螢石為我們的荷爾蒙帶來平衡,可以幫我們的所有脈輪叉電。它能幫我們的腦袋整理資料讓我們有更清晰的頭腦。它能給予我們靈性保護的作用,也可清理情緒層面的傷痕及排掉多餘的能量。




The above crystal healing information is for reference only, everyone has different vibration, and it's important to feel the stone by yourself, some people might have stronger feeling toward some particular stones.

Imperfections are normal in all handmade items. All stones are natural crystals, and there might be natural cracking/holes/color differences. Color differences may appear in different screens. We don't offer return/refund, please beware before placing order, thank you 💖🙏**



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